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Got Grammar..? Can haz good English..? this is COMPULSORY VIEWING

Leave it to Weird Al to make a brilliant parody about words! It sums up my personal frustrations about English usage on the Internet perfectly.

This is compulsory viewing for anyone writing anything, anywhere and anytime, in English. Those who understand will laugh; as for the rest of you – TAKE NOTE!

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Social Media Facts & Figures

  • The most important, and so far most neglected, bit of information about these changes for MOST Facebook Page managers is the first sentence of the last paragraph. It's not all about removing the links that appear at the end of your Post. If you still have shortened links in your post, and your headlines are clear (ie. not sensationally mysterious) then you are NOT considered 'clickbait'. If you are monitoring your Facebook Page insights, you will already know if your Posts are successful this way.
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