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WordPress Extension for Chrome: Top WP Blogging Tool

¬†from the desk of Christopher Finke… Chrome Users: Try the WordPress.com Extension Since last week I’ve been using this extension – loving it so far. Give it a try ūüôā Nicole

Facebook Timeline Feature: Activate or BE Activated

The Facebook Timeline feature has been available since September 2011 with a large proportion of users now embracing the new look. ¬†However if you are still hanging on to your old Facebook Wall, it’s time for you to face the change! This week Facebook has confirmed that Timeline will become a permanent feature. ¬†Users now … Continue reading

What’s in a Job Title ..?

How do you identify yourself in your business? What is your job title?¬† What position do you refer to yourself as on your business card and in your email signature? Traditionally job titles in business were to separate the bosses from the workers as well as all the levels of middle management and administration in … Continue reading

New Year and New Website Look

¬† Back to work, back to school and down to business! When January is almost over its impossible to ignore that the new year is well and truly upon us! ¬†So how are those resolutions going..? ¬†I’m pleased to say my 2012 business resolutions are taking shape and I’m ready for an organised and busy … Continue reading

Announcement: Bespoke Words and Champ Prestige Realty in 2012

Bespoke Words is pleased to announce a new business relationship with Champ Prestige Realty in 2012.