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International Twitter Stats : Just the facts please!

Wish granted! 53% of users on Twitter are female. 47% are male. 73.7% of users are aged between 15 – 25 yrs. 14.9% are aged between 26 – 35 yrs. The top 3 countries with the highest number of users are: (% of users) United States 50.99% United Kingdom 17.09% Australia 4.09% 25% of users … Continue reading

Infographically Speaking : Social Media Development

It’s easy for small business operators to get bogged down with advice about Social Media. Here is a nice, simple graphic that breaks it down into 4 basic stages. Just as with many other learning curves in business marketing – you have to crawl before you walk.     [Graphic Source : via Barnraisers ] … Continue reading

Social Media Success : 3 Things Money Can’t Buy

“Money can’t buy you love” This is as true in the digital world as it is in the real world. If you want love for your small business on the Internet, you’re going to have to work for it.

Infographically Speaking : Email Facts

As Small Business operators, we can tend to overlook the power of the humble email as we wrangle with our Website, Social Media and face-to-face Customer Service. This Infographic highlights the need to keep up good email health for: Customer service Productivity Communications 3 crucial elements of every small business. [Image Source : Wrike]

Social Good : CAPTCHA Takes A Stand

 Every so often someone comes up with some Social Good that makes you feel warm and furry. A lot of websites use the Captcha ‘challenge-response test’ to sort out the bots from the humans. However, it’s a necessary function that is about as interesting as the ‘404 Not Found’ error message, unless you’re the clever … Continue reading