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Infographically Speaking : Twitter Jargon, Tweet Slang, Colloquially Tweeting

Yo’! It’s time to get down with the lingo man, Do you catch my drift? it’s a Twitter jam! Yes ok – that was terrible. I’ll try to promise not to do it again. When you’re on Twitter, do you ever feel like people seem to have put ‘tw-‘ in front of every verb and ‘-weet’ at the … Continue reading

Mood, Emotions and Colour

Mood, Emotions and Colour. Is an original post by Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts. As a words person, I realise that the other half of digital content is about lights, colours and shiny things.  However as that previous sentence would indicate, I know very little about it. Starting with colour, never underestimate the power it has … Continue reading

What are ‘Trends’ on Twitter ..?

If there is RED hot news somewhere in the world at any given time you are bound to see it feature in the Top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter.  From who’s dead, who’s dying and whose death is a hoax; through to sporting events, weather events and politics,  if it’s popular or controversial people will Tweet … Continue reading

Marketing for Mobile Phones

Small businesses need to get their mobile mojo on! Your website should already be mobile friendly.  If it isn’t – stop reading immediately and go do something about it! Ok, now that the naughty ones have left the room… Here is some updated data on why it’s so important to go beyond mobile ready and … Continue reading