Bespoke Words specialises in writing copy for the web. Writing for the Internet is different to normal copywriting.

Content is King”. It is arguably also Queen.

Digital content consists of the written and visual elements on your website and web pages.

Pictures and graphics give your online business property its look, style and instant impression.

The word content states who you are, what you are, what you do and where you are.

Bespoke Words write the words you need to :

  • describe your business
  • promote your brand
  • market your product
  • support your reputation
  • communicate with your target market

Getting the i’s before e’s is still important. In the digital era there is now more to it than simply good grammar:

  • Online written words speak on your behalf:
  • You want your words to work as hard as you do and look as good as you do.
  • Good copy helps set the ‘tone’ of your business by appealing to your chosen target market.
  • Word efficiency is essential:
  • On the internet, readers scan words quickly for what they want.
  • People don’t care who/what you are, they just want to see/read what they are looking for.


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