Social Media

Social Media is a basic part of business marketing.

Bespoke Words can take you through the basics of Social Media marketing by:
  • Assisting you in putting an ongoing marketing strategy in place that you can manage.
Social Media will drive traffic to your website and connect you with potential customers and existing clients in real-time with measurable results and feedback. 
Social Media Optimisation – SMO

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is what separates traditional business hard copy writing from digital/web copy writing.

  • Word copy online is ‘content’. Quality content is vital on website, web pages, social media profiles and blog.
  • The more you update your content with well-placed keywords and tags, the better your website will rank and rate. Your website is your online shop-front, so take ownership of it.
  • Using SMO also helps website rankings because the content linked to your website also recognised by search engines.
  • SMO drives traffic to your website by linking to your Social Media profiles. Keep your content fresh, interesting and engaging.

Bespoke Words offers these services to small business on the Gold Coast:

  • Social Media consulting for small business
  • Profile account management
  • Social Media coaching & mentoring
  • Social Media network recommendations for your business

Social Media Bespoke Words

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