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Got Grammar..? Can haz good English..? this is COMPULSORY VIEWING

Leave it to Weird Al to make a brilliant parody about words! It sums up my personal frustrations about English usage on the Internet perfectly. This is compulsory viewing for anyone writing anything, anywhere and anytime, in English. Those who understand will laugh; as for the rest of you – TAKE NOTE!

Bespoke Words App Test Drive

Writer: the Internet Typewriter   Different things motivate writers. Many writers I know feel inspired that bit extra when it rains. Others get drunk. For reasons (not beyond exploring) I still like using vintage pen and paper; it slows down my train of thought to a more legible pace. As a guilty pleasure I go … Continue reading

Infographically Speaking: The HOTTEST Words of 2013

Words words words! 2013 like every other year was full of keywords and buzzwords. According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online and neatly graphed into pretty graphics by Offer Pop – these are the HOTTEST of the HOT words!  But be warned; just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean you’re still popular… Selfie anyone? Related articles 20+ … Continue reading

Infographically Speaking : Email Facts

As Small Business operators, we can tend to overlook the power of the humble email as we wrangle with our Website, Social Media and face-to-face Customer Service. This Infographic highlights the need to keep up good email health for: Customer service Productivity Communications 3 crucial elements of every small business. [Image Source : Wrike]

Hiring a Copywriter to Write Your Content

Well written website content will enhance your digital presence on the Internet. Good content is easy to read and gets to the point quickly. Great content will also enhance your SEO (search engine optimisation). Fresh is best when it comes to content. Keep the content on your website original and update regularly. Strong and healthy content … Continue reading