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Dear Parents – why is your child on Instagram…?

Dear Parents, why are your children using Instagram..? Continue reading

Web site or website ?

This has been long debated and I’ve been pulled-up on it by several readers. The fact is that there is still division on the subject; some dictionaries and certain publishers still choose “Web site”. There are also differences occurring between UK, US and Australian English. After doing some research, here is the overall consensus I … Continue reading

Lazy Internet Users Should Get FAQ-ed

The Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies and User Agreements for websites and apps are probably the least read content on the Internet. We should read them, we could read them, we tick the little box that says we have read and understood them, but rarely has anyone actually read them. In defence of this, no … Continue reading

Social Good : CAPTCHA Takes A Stand

 Every so often someone comes up with some Social Good that makes you feel warm and furry. A lot of websites use the Captcha ‘challenge-response test’ to sort out the bots from the humans. However, it’s a necessary function that is about as interesting as the ‘404 Not Found’ error message, unless you’re the clever … Continue reading

What’s in a Job Title ..?

How do you identify yourself in your business? What is your job title?  What position do you refer to yourself as on your business card and in your email signature? Traditionally job titles in business were to separate the bosses from the workers as well as all the levels of middle management and administration in … Continue reading