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Gold Coast writer blogger copywriter Nicole Fox Noble

Nicole has worked in marketing for over 20 years within the retail and corporate sectors. She semi-retired and moved to the Gold Coast to raise a family and become a writer.  As digital marketing replaced traditional marketing methods and social media gained traction, Nicole once again engaged with small business to help them adapt. Writing became copyediting and her dream of publishing a book was put on hold.

Bespoke Words, owned and operated by Nicole, came to life as demand grew for her social media, writing and small business experience. Nicole advocates digital marketing for small businesses as a way to promote their brand, keep in touch with their clients and attract new customers.

social media affords small business the same marketing opportunities as large corporations, once you know how to manipulate it to suit your purpose

The Bespoke Words blog is all about empowering small business operators and parents with the basics of the Web and social media. This blog does the legwork for you so you can save time by doing-it-yourself. The internet is distracting and time-consuming unless you know where to look. Bespoke Words blog articles contain short, sweet bites giving you easy-to-digest chunks of information and help.

Bespoke Words is also targeting Australian parents to help them decipher the new world of technology so they can keep up with their children and proactively watch their online behaviour. Be informed – don’t be fooled!

Personal Biography

Nicole is also the writer behind the blog Byron Bay Lifestyle. She loves hard copy, illicit alliteration and regular vowel movements.

” I never get writers block,  just page fright “

Her goal for is to become an independently published emerging author. This means temporarily putting aside her dreams of becoming a cabaret singer in a smoky, underground nightclub in Paris.

Born and bred in Sydney, Nicole is turned-on by coffee, fountain pens, carbohydrates and cream. On the side, she hoards stationery and curates a fascinating collection of typewriters and airline vomit bags (unused). She can still touch type at over 85 wpm and is excellent for training and coaching purposes.

the writer and owner of Bespoke Words

Nicole Fox Noble

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