What does a copywriter do..?

A copywriter provides well written words.

A good copywriter will write with insight and intelligence that has impact.

A good copywriter who specialises in digital content will deliver meaningful marketing milestones to your business website.

A fabulous copywriter can juggle all the above and be mindful of your SEO too!

The word ‘bespoke’ was originally used to describe custom, tailor-made clothes. In the digital era it refers to custom products and services.

Bespoke means: 1 made to order. 2 custom-made. 3 tailored. 4 hand crafted. 5 of a particular, or personal design need. 7 written or adapted for a specific, or unique purpose.

Can I afford a writer to write for me..?

Effective communication with words is not about quantity of words written; it is all about the quality of those words.

When you pay a copywriter you are allowing someone to describe your brand, product or business objectively and without unnecessary emotion or attachment.

The result is copy that speaks directly to your customers and keeps their attention long enough to deliver what they want to hear, as opposed to lots of information that they are not interested in.

The question then becomes, can you afford not to hire a copywriter..?

Does my business need Social Media..?

Short answer : this is entirely up to you.

What business needs to do is go where their customers are. This isn’t always possible geographically. But with the wonderful world wide web it’s possible.

If your potential customers are on Facebook, then you need to be in there too. The same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, and any other social networking site or platform that you can name.

Marketing to your clients who are using social media is like speaking to a captive audience, live and in real time.

With no dollar investment, other than your time, it’s definitely worthwhile discovering and exploring.

FAQ's Bespoke Words Gold Coast writer

these are the FAQs for Bespoke Words


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