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Infographically Speaking: The HOTTEST Words of 2013

Words words words! 2013 like every other year was full of keywords and buzzwords. According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online and neatly graphed into pretty graphics by Offer Pop – these are the HOTTEST of the HOT words!  But be warned; just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean you’re still popular… Selfie anyone? Related articles 20+ … Continue reading

Mood, Emotions and Colour

Mood, Emotions and Colour. Is an original post by Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts. As a words person, I realise that the other half of digital content is about lights, colours and shiny things.  However as that previous sentence would indicate, I know very little about it. Starting with colour, never underestimate the power it has … Continue reading

Marketing for Mobile Phones

Small businesses need to get their mobile mojo on! Your website should already be mobile friendly.  If it isn’t – stop reading immediately and go do something about it! Ok, now that the naughty ones have left the room… Here is some updated data on why it’s so important to go beyond mobile ready and … Continue reading

Infographically Speaking : Social Media Development

It’s easy for small business operators to get bogged down with advice about Social Media. Here is a nice, simple graphic that breaks it down into 4 basic stages. Just as with many other learning curves in business marketing – you have to crawl before you walk.     [Graphic Source : via Barnraisers ] … Continue reading

Infographically Speaking : Email Facts

As Small Business operators, we can tend to overlook the power of the humble email as we wrangle with our Website, Social Media and face-to-face Customer Service. This Infographic highlights the need to keep up good email health for: Customer service Productivity Communications 3 crucial elements of every small business. [Image Source : Wrike]